Shearzone Shear Sharpening

Shearzone Shear Sharpening

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What is Improper Sharpening?

Shears can be sharpened with too coarse an abrasive, then polished too much to restore the smooth finish.The result is an edge that cuts well but doesn't last.

Heat can be created in a sharpening or polishing process which is not done under a constant flow of lubrication. This excess heat will soften the steel making the shear dull more quickly with each sharpening.

Improper adjustment of the arch of the convex edge can cause too much pressure on the cutting edge and shorten the life of the edge. Too little pressure and the shear can pull or drag the hair.

Alteration of the inside blade surface can adversely affect performance and is impossible to correct.


For 90% of the life of shears, who sharpens them is what really matters!

Quailty shears have about a 10 year life span.

The original edge will last approximately one year.

SHEARZONE offers a 100% solution.

Factory quality service for the life of your shears GUARANTEED!

ALL Shearzone shears come with 10 Years* of Sharpening service FREE (you pay shipping)

* 1 sharpening a year for 10 years

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